Blazzzzzzzed up in Maryz Canna Kitchen



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*Cue dramatic drums and bass as I enter from the shadows with a joint and a backwards peace sign HIGH AS FUCKKKKKKK*

Yeah so *advisory* I’m vulgar, I’m real and I have access to the internet. *gasps*

image-13312It’s ya girl B, and I’m just over here trying’ to make my dreams come true~

I’m building a brand, Maryz Canna Kitchen   isn’t much now, but she’s gonna be something big one day. The goal is that of an Alternate Needs Store, but the catch lies in it being powered  by Canna Girls. Pipes and smoking gear, clothing, accessories, home decor, personal home and body care, makeup and so much more will fill my virtual shelves and hopefully within you. What is a canna girl you ask?


Canna Girl is any woman who actively supports the cannabis and hemp industry and isn’t afraid to show it . You don’t have to smoke marijuana to understand how much cannabis means to this planet. It’s not just about getting high, in fact that’s not what it’s about for me. Cannabis is a way of life, you can live just as you do now with hemp- from fuel to textiles, home construction, manufacturing, and of course plastic. Hemp will save our planet. I will also have to get into  how much CBD has assisted me with my bipolar disorder and anxiety-  oh yes and the powers of essential oils….but those are subjects for another day.


Maryz Canna Kitchen started out as a dream- nestled in the mind of a young B, who watched and collected information about the medical marijuana industry via newspaper cutouts- from a small,  conservative town in bum fuck Maryland. At first the idea was like there, I mean how badass would it be to own a restaurant that sold edibles to people? That’s how she started, but she was only Maryz Kitchen then. I always said to myself that marijuana was the way. I watched my family medicate and congregate around the herb, it really was simple to young buck B. They told stories, laughed, relaxed and relieved themselves from the sorrows of the sun’s rotations. Even as a young child with minimal understanding of what the world was truly about- I saw the healing power of our sweeet Mary Jane.

Flash forward a decade or so and now I’m sitting here in Humboldt County, California- smack dab in the middle of the EMERALD TRIANGLE – just in time for recreational marijuana legalization. I’m just trying to figure out how to navigate within the gray areas of the final green rush.

A few other things that you may find me blogging’ about~~~

  • My Daughter and family.
  • The Earth
  • Music- Drum and Bass is the cure to anything that ales me.
  • My home
  • Sewing and making things with my hands
  • Cannabis, hemp anything. CBD
  • Bipolar, mental illnesses and suicide awareness.
  • Peace over profit.
  • Activism and community
  • Morals and ethics.

A little about me and my family:

I have been with my daughter’s father Chris since 2010. He is my love, my pain and my sweet surrender 😉

We zinged, fell in love, partied for like an entire summer


and then I ended up super pregnant with my badass little warrior child, Delanee.

And yeah that’s me pregnant at my senior prom…. I alwa

ys said “prom isn’t complete without at least one pregnant girl right?” Yeah that pregnant girl was me.

Delanee is five now and love’s everything about kindergarten. I couldn’t have been blessed with a better kid. She was a blessing frimage-76018om the gods~ and may have even saved my life!  Delanee has been told about some of the benefits of cannabis. She know’s that the plant can be used as medicine, and she is aware of other industrial benefits of the cannabis plant. As I learn more about cannabis, she learns more about cannabis. The future starts with them- they will be the ones who change the world!

So I think I’ve pretty much wrapped the intro up. Don’t be shy! I want you to argue with me, tell me how you feel- engage with me- I’m gonna be hosting give aways- raffles- some really not so basic bitch shit to get you to keep coming back for more.

If you think you can contribute to the groove, shoot me an email in my contacts section!!!

Maryz Canna Kitchen Facebook

You can also follow me on personally on Instagram, my handle is @Blazzzzzzzed




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10 thoughts on “Blazzzzzzzed up in Maryz Canna Kitchen

  1. Ingrid says:

    I think you’re strong in many ways,Bethany.
    I remember you always being that way,since meeting you as a toddler,which I always thought was really cool about you.
    You fought for your right to be you and never wavered from it,which I admired and loved you for.
    You are intelligent,driven,multi talented,courageous;a beautiful young woman with a tender ,sensitive heart,who isn’t afraid to reveal and show her strengths as well as her flaws,which make her all the more down to earth …human…to those who know you and hold you dear to their hearts.
    You’ve come a long way from your “Bethany boo boo” days,yet those very moments have contributed to the person you have become and are continuing to chisel into becoming every day.
    Good for you,for having a dream important enough to you to mold into reality.
    (I however personally do not believe that vulgarity is necessary to your success..just sayin’!<3)


  2. Jade says:

    This is an awesome website thats so informational to all things cannabis that a reg stoner girl didnt even know, and the fact that youre personalizing your brand to you is super chill


  3. Ashley says:

    Honestly obsessed with this page! Super happy for you and can’t wait to see where this all takes you! You’re doing awesome things!!


  4. StonedSnowflake says:

    Bethany… I thought you were a bad ass before I saw this page… Girl keep it up. You are so strong and powerful… I really wish I was more like you. You’re doing exactly what I want to do someday… My hero lol!!
    But seriously you’re the bomb… Cannagirls have to stick together 💚


    • Bethanyisblazed says:

      HIII! Thank you so much for your kind words! I love your support and could always use input and support through ought the cannabis community! It means so much to me that I have YOUR support! You’re awesome!!!!


  5. armmat0363 says:

    I think it is awesome that you are teaching your daughter about the medical benefits of Cannabis. I am doing the same with my 13 year old son. We both use cbd. He has ADHD high functioning Autism Spectrum, anxiety and big time Social anxiety.
    Thank you for all you do!!😘👍😉😀


    • Bethanyisblazed says:

      Thank you for your support! I love that you chose to use CBD other than put him on doctor prescribed medicine- especially at such a developmental age! I think you are very brave and strong! Thank you for all that YOU do, Cannamomma!


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