Rick and Morty & Mental Illness.


“While Morty’s psychology isn’t quite as dark as Rick’s, it isn’t untouched by the revels of mental illness either. As anyone who is familiar with anxiety disorder would notice, Morty is a textbook case of this ailment. Consider his endless fright at what could be around the next corner, and how quickly he escalates to panic in any stressful situation, and his unhealthy basket of neuroses begins to make itself immediately clear” 


Rick and Morty, Cartoon Network

Ever notice that The Adventures of Rick and Morty, showcase A LOT of real serious shit? Such as addiction, depression, anxiety, suicide, unemployment, sexual assault and other real life situations????? I stumbled upon this blog post and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! Some of the reasons mentioned in the link below all go into why I appreciate this show so much. It might be unorthodox, raunchy or blatant, but it’s friendly cartoon form sheds light on a number of taboo subjects in America.

Rick and Morty: an Unhinged Look at Mental Illness




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