Paraffin Candles are toxic, and I’m willing to bet you buy them.

The romantic nature of the dancing candle flame is one of the simpler pleasures in life.

Candles boast numerous functions and uses, ranging from illuminating the night, rest and relaxation, religious and spiritual practices, all the way down to “setting the mood”. Candles are fucking dope. I love them, I’m sure you love them and I can guarantee your mom probably digs them too, but at what cost?

Paraffin candles are everywhere. All major department stores and retailers sell this type of candle, so unless your candles say otherwise you are most likely polluting the air in your home without realizing it!!!!!

(Ill give you a minute to go and check)

The truth is there are many reasons why you should IMMEDIATELY rid yourself of these awful tricks. So let’s boogie-100550500-oil-rigs-smoke-sunset-california-getty.1910x1000

Paraffin is a heavy hydrocarbon. Paraffin is the left over sludge created from the process of turning crude oil into gasoline. “It is obtained from petroleum by dewaxing light lubricating oil stocks”. The sludge is collected, dyed, filtered and processed. (WTF????)


Paraffin is not a renewable resource.


 Paraffin wax produces black soot. Have you ever noticed the black marks on the wall or around the mouth of the candle? This has contributed to numerous insurance property claims. The amount of soot varies depending on the candle type, the amount of artificial fragrance as well as air flow.


 Burning several candles exceeds the EPA’s increased risk for cancer, due to having the pretense of carcinogens like, benzene, toluene, acetaldehyde, formaldehyde, and acrolein found while burning some candles.


Candles that are created in other countries ARE NOT subject to the same rules when it comes to producing candles. This means that there may be lead wicks in imported paraffin candles. (The American candle industry voluntarily discontinued LEAD WICK use in 1974) Studies have found that roughly 30% of candles on the market contain heavy metals in their wicks.


 Paraffin candles usually come with artificial scents. These are particularly bad for those with allergies and asthma, children, pets as well as the elderly.


Paraffin Candles cost more to burn per hour than other natural alternatives. The burn time is significantly shorter than alternatives because this wax burns hotter than the others.

Basically the big industries have done it again! These corporations subject us to dangerous situations CONSTANTLY! I don’t fuck with any artificial candles anymore, it is simply NOT WORTH IT.

Besides, my significant other has asthma and since I stopped using these candles I have noticed an air quality difference. Keep your eye out for a follow up blog post regarding safe alternatives like my “Bee Surprised Counter Culture Candles” set to release on 4/20/2017.


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