MCK Giveaway! *CLOSED*

It’s time!


It’s time for the first official Maryz Canna Kitchen promotional giveaway!

I’m on a cannabis journey. Searching for the truth. Searching for relief; knowledge that I can help spread like the propaganda that destroyed hemp production in the 1930’s. This journey has been exciting and fun and more than I could have ever expected when I began. This adventure is far from over as I learn more information everyday.

In short, Maryz Canna Kitchen is maturing into a beautiful source of information and fun!

I am genuinely overwhelmed by the love and support I have received from every single one of you, so I do believe it is time for me to give back 😀


Starting today March 20th 2017, you can enter up to three giveaway contests!

These contests will be hosted separately on my public Facebook profile, Instagram as well as Maryz Canna Community secret Facebook group. (If you would like to be added to the group, contact me below! ) To enter You must be 21 and older if you live in California, 18 and older anywhere else. You must be able to verify your age if you are selected as a winner. These contests will run from today until 4/19/2017, 4:20 pm pacific time.

On 4/20 I will announce the winners of each contest. The prizes will be packaged and sent randomly, meaning that you will not know which one of the three prizes you receive, so make sure you check out the photos below!

Okayyyyyyyy! I’m gonna stop blabbing and show you guys the goodz!

Drum roll please!!!!!!!










I am genuinely proud to bring you one of a kind Ice Cream Pipes 🙂

These beauties were created by Kinzie, creator and clay artist! These were commissioned in a timely and professional manor. I highly recommend checking her out!!!


You can find Kinzie on Facebook


She is on Instagram.


and lastly, she runs her own website.

Feel free to flip through the photos below! Taylor Tillman was awesome enough to come and take some snapshots for me! She’s super talented and sweet! You should check out some of her creations! ! She also runs her own YouTube Channel. It’s filled with lots of adventures and nature 😀

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Okay, now that you know what we’re working with, the rules are posted below for your convenience.


Official Rules:
Must be 21+ in California 18+ other. Like “Maryz Canna Kitchen” on Facebook, comment below with a plant emoji and tag a friend.
Limit one entry once a day. Contest ends on 4/19 4:20 pm PACIFIC TIME. Winners will be announced

Click here to be directed to the Facebook Giveaway.


Must be 21+ California 18+ other. Invite 2 people to the group. Please ask if they even wanna be apart of this group. I will be able to keep track of who was invited by who. When you are finished sending the invitations, comment below this photo with a plant emoji.
Limit to 2 entires, per Week until the giveaway is complete.

(If you would like to be added to this group, please fill a contact form below, these photos and rules are for reference purposes only)


Official Maryz Canna Kitchen giveaway! I will be giving away one of three custom clay pipes by @artist_kinzie.

In order to be entered you must follow @MaryzCannaKitchen and @BethanyisBlazed on Instagram.

LIKE this picture and tag two friends. If you repost this photo, you will be entered again, but make sure to use the tag #MaryzCannaKitchen as well as @MaryzCannaKitchen in order for your entry to be counted. Limit 2 entires a week.
Must be 21+ Older to enter in California, 18+ Everywhere else. Must be able to show proof of age. Contest ends 4/19 at 4:20 pm pst

Click here to be directed to the Instagram giveaway.

Alrighty guys, please feel free to message me with any questions!





That’s a wrap, friends!
My first official Maryz Canna Kitchen giveaway is now at a close-
—> I am going to get super toasted- make some canna butter for my newest edibles and tally up, check & double check the names on all the lists!
—> I will be announcing the winners of each contest individiaually- but I will add them to the blog incase you missed it!
—> If you are selected as a winner, I will need your name, shipping address as well as any special instructions sent to me VIA direct messages!
The LIVE announcement schedule goes as follows:
Facebook Page— > 4:20 PM (PT)
SECRET Facebook GROUP —> 1:20 PM (PT)
Instagram —–> 5 PM PM (PT)








the winner of the Facebook group is private.













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