When millennials trash talk millennials *opinion*

Millennials’- we suck right?

God, we’re such whimsy, lazy, unorthodox little shits who have no respect for the older generations who worked their asses off building America, I know.


Yeah I believe in respect, sure.

It can’t just be me who has been victimized by some grumpy old head who doesn’t really take the time to show respect themselves.

If you have a family like me, you seem to find yourself amongst a group of people who seem to know just about EVERYTHING…and they don’t need to learn anything else because as I’ve said, why would you need to know more if you already know EVERYTHING????

At first, I thought I would try showing these individuals why they are being harsh with reason and fact, but when you argue with people who won’t listen to you solely based on the time frame you were born, it’s the equivalent to scrubbing up puke with  a towl that is soaked in shit.

It just doesn’t work.

But if you’re like me, you have met someone who fits this description, yet HAS NO IDEA THEY ARE A MILLENIAL THEMSELVES.

Sly, condescending and straight up hurtful facebook posts about WHY THIS GENERATION IS SO __________. Doesn’t make any fucking sense WHEN YOU YOURSELF ARE A MILLENIAL (and may even be contributing to this stigma by your ignorance)

You are considered a millennial if you were born between the ages of 1975- 1995 (some say it’s 1980, that’s a tomato, tomatto type of ordeal, I suppose).

So why don’t you stop talking shit oh self righteous one, and join in on the fact that we weren’t the ones who asked to be fed processed food, some as early as they are born. We weren’t the ones who asked our parents to stop reading to us and instead, plop us infront of a TV, video game or computer, wasting away hours and hours without our parent’s because they were too busy taking a swing at the “American Dream”. We also weren’t the ones who destroyed the environment or social security- but do you wanna know what we are?

Probably not, and that’s the issue.

From my angle we are hard working, strong, smart, creative, resourceful and empathetic to the earth and those around us. We are fighters for truth and justice and basic human rights. We come together- by the thousands to stand up for what is right and we will be the ones who change the world.



Tired of that bullshit,


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