Flower Power


Yep, it’s true. One can make an educated assumption just by looking at the picture above that not all marijuana is created equal. With this being said that means that your buds are not going to produce the same high.

Different Flowers have different powers.

Before there was any scientific way to determine what kind of marijuana you were smoking, you really just looked at the color, sniffed it a little and went about paying your dealer.

I certainly didn’t realize there was a difference in the kind of high I could achieve. But that was before I tried quality ganjaaaa. I was about 15 years old and actively working at my two jobs, I had enough money to buy that mysterious alternative weed my drug dealer referred to as “Dank” for $20 a G. Kind of sounds like some version of shit I remember thinking to myself.

Ya girl was intrigued because before my second job, I only ever had enough money for “Reggie.” (Regular weed. Bottom shelf bullshit)

He showed me the bag, I thought I was slick. I took a wiff from the bag.

“Holy shit this is the dank?”.  Like a complete fan girl who has never smelled marijuana before in my life. It was a totally new sense, I kind of wanted to reject it.

“Ye” Some half ass yo boy word for yeah. He looked around as he said it, putting his hand behind his backwards flat bill hat. Bedazzled ass earing glaring in the light, I can’2eb44f96d2e9ac9df43124628e044adecdcb2dff905b0f2c5f6c19a0786388ef_3t even begin to reason with my younger self….this dude definitely WASN’T COOL. He was like in his early twenties hustlin’ high schoolers. I’m gonna cut him some slack because he DID sell my my first bag of dank …. and we did look way older.

The first time you smell a bag of dank, you don’t really know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing. I had smelled marijuana so many times before. Dating back to when I was like a kiddo, probably all my life I’ve been around it, if I could guess lol. My cousin’s were ALWAYS blazing that shit up. Something about going to the Jones’ house made you calm. I would later determine that this was probably cuz the air was filtered with the ganj. I DEFINITELY wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for my cousins.

Anyways, the first time I smoked this dank it was an immediate difference from our old pal Reggie. It was Sour Diesel. I was sitting under the covered bridge on a back road close to the town I grew up in. I was hanging out with some people I thought were hella cool at the time.  (they’re not so cool now) We were sneaking of course, we were teenagers, chillin under a bridge lol. About to smoke sour diesel in a FAT ass blunt. (LOL Fat is a relative term). I was so high, I remember giggling and having a ball with them. It was really awesome. The first time at least. Flash forward 8 years and I have recently learned I can’t smoke sour diesel without having a panic attack.

It’s so sad too because I LOVE SOUR DIESEL.

I have found that sour diesel is actually a strain that people with bipolar disorder or schizophrenia should avoid Sour Diesel, as it will


And this isn’t just from personal experience either. Cannabis Pharmacy   has an ENTIRE spread dedicated to sour diesel. It states under Medical Uses “Special caution should be observed however to ensure that patients with schizophrenia or bipolar disorder avoid thisCannabis-cover-for-podcast.jpg variety, since Sour Diesel’s ability to stimulate can disorientate these patients to the point of crisis”.  it then says in the Psycho-activity area  “It (Sour Diesel) is absolutely not recommended for patients suffering from anxiety issues…Susceptible patients can often have panic attacks with this variety.”


I used to swear by Sour Diesel but I’m happy that I now know this extremely potent hybrid with the genetics of Chem dawg, Massachusetts Super Slunk, Northern Lights and Hawaiian just isn’t for me! I avoid this strain no matter what. It is pretty much the only strain I truly stay away from. The whole point of using cannabis as medicine is to not think you’re dying when you take a puff. Sour diesel is not a sativa like most people associate it’s “racy” effects with. It has it’s own characteristics of effects refereed to as the “diesel” effect. I guess some could argue that the term “gas” is a strain specific nick name. Ask your local pot supplier what he means when he says that. If the dude doesn’t know what kind of ganj he’s getting, it’s time to switch your pot dealer to one who takes pride in the plant. Those are the best ones man.

In Conclusion, everything I have said goes back into why it is important to know what different strains of marijuana do. It’s important to know how your body reacts to certain strains, just as someone’s body reacts to prescriptions or over the counter medicine. I have been smoking indica dominate strains, that are high in CBD. It has made a HUGE difference in my every day movement and reaction to things. I wish you guys the best in self medicating with marijuana. As more research is conducted, and more people speak about medical cannabis, the less taboo it becomes and more people can be introduced to the power of this flower!


Stay stoned,

B ❤

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**Sour Diesel is a potent hybrid of marijuana that can really help some patients elevate their mood, stimulate creativity as well as productivity in some users. The high effects everyone differently, and nothing I am saying here should discredit Sour Diesel’s awesome healing effects. Everything I’ve posted is from personal experience and personal research.

*I linked the title of the book Cannabis Pharmacy to Amazon, so you guys can buy it for yourself. The goal at Maryz Canna Kitchen is to help spread what I’m learning about the cannabis plant with you, but I cannot stress to you guys how important it is to do your own research and empower yourself with knowledge. This book is a lovely collective of info about the most popular strains on the market today. It spreads it out in a stoner friendly way, that’s for sure.

If I use a term or get specific with strain and you have questions or just want to know more, click here to ask me a question.

or you can totally leave a comment here ❤ I love comments! I love feedback! And I love any kind of shares you can give me ❤ even if it’s to your secret cannabis groups ❤

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