Don’t Order CBD Online.

SO, you’ve heard about the benefits of Cannabidiol, this mystery cure for most that ails you, also popularly known by its abbreviation, CBD. This cannabinoid is known best for its anti-inflammatory properties, it’s ability to relieve symptoms surrounding anxiety, as well as it’s ability to kill cancer cells. . (You”re definitely gonna wanna click that link)

People say “Marijuana is medicine”


and if you haven’t experienced relief from smoking it, you’re probably one of those people who aren’t so sure.

Maybe you have this chick who’s wild’n out on your timeline about how much CBD has transformed her life from miserable to magnificent, in comparison at least.

Maybe you’ve seen the countless Facebook stories of children just like Silas who have been using cannabis to help ease the debilitating side effects from cancer fighting pharmaceuticals.

Maybe you’re a patient yourself, or the mother or father, spouse of someone who is fighting for their life and you are searching for another way to survive financially and physically. 

I can’t give you all the answers because tons of research still needs to be funded, but I am here to tell you that CBD is a wonderful place to start.

Here’s the catch, it’s made from cannabis, you know that stuff that is still a schedule one substance that has no medical benefit at all according to the DEA.


as you totally should be, we can’t act like the government has a squeeeky clean track record for telling us the truth! dexati20170123214504

Now you’re doing research and you stumble upon sites like Amazon, Google and Ebay, that are offering you 100% legal (not true) and authentic CBD oil derived from the cannabis plant. The only part of this that I find true is that it is in fact from the cannabis plant, and it is, infact CBD oil.

What they fail to tell you is it is from industrial hemp aka industrial cannabis. What you’re lookin’ for pal, is medical cannabis.

That is something you’re only gonna find at a cannabis club near you! (ORRRR If you don’t live in a legal state, remember to thank your pot dealer next time, especially if he is getting you strain specific buds you can do research on!!! I’ve been there, done that- shit can get sketch REALLLLLLLLL quick! Oh and VOTE FOR CANNABIS) but um lets keep in mind tested bud is the safest bud! I’ll totally touch on why laterrrrrrrrrr. Also, hemp is awesome and can be used for virtually anything. I’m DEFINTIELY gonna shove that down your throats.cannabidiol

But anyways, CBD and THC are two completely different chemical compounds in the cannabis plant.These compounds are processed through cannabinoid receptors, within the endocannabinoid

system located in our brains!


Martin A Lee explains in his article “Cannabinoid receptors function as subtle sensing devices, tiny vibrating scanners perpetually primed to pick up biochemical cues that flow through fluids surrounding each cell.”untitled

When these two are separated they are kind of effective in some patients, yeahhhhhhhhhhhh but together, they form what is referred to as the entourage effect Are you picturing HBO’s, The Entourage? Good. That’s pretty much what goes down when you partner up THC and CBD. They compliment one another to achieve a certain outcome, which is relief.

We also haven’t touched on the fact that “industrial hemp” is not the same as medical cannabis. Medical Cannabis should meet certain standards when it comes to the way it was grown. What I mean when I say that is testing centers should make sure that the medical cannabis does not contain any harmful chemicals used in pesticides, fertilizers or nutrients. Testing centers also want to ensure that the cannabis has not been infested with pests like spider mites, or bacteria and mold. CBD you can purchase “legally” online does not guarantee you with the safety or even the quality of the cannabis that was used to create the oil. Only your local compliant cannabis club can do that, and if you don’t have a cannabis club near you, you need to make sure you are voting for cannabis friendly bills and ordinances.

Check back for more in depth info on this shitttttt. the more people talk about cannabis, the less taboo it comes, and the more we can get some framework that protects us as well as empowers us

Also, I will announcing a giveaway soon as well as a full product launch.


Shout out to Angie La for pasting those buds on the entourage picture lmao. Such an odd request and she nailed it lol.

I don’t own the rights to any pictures here, I also tried to link every single source I used. If you notice a typo or an error, click here and don’t be a dick about it.

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