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Guest Submission  5/23

Oh the audacity that lives inside some of the people in America today. They say we’re just “having a bad day”, that “we’ll sleep it off and forget about it tomorrow”.

You know these people. The ones that are convinced that anxiety doesn’t even exist.

Cause we all just get nervous right?

Sure we do.


We get nervous for a test, nervous when we’re getting pulled over. It’s normal, and quite frankly it’s fucking healthy in a moderate amount. It means we are ALIVE. Unfortunately, the feeling of being nervous can escalate in ones body. To the point where they desperately want to crawl out their own skin. (Can you imagine?)

If you know a little about anxiety then I am sure you know about those days when you look at yourself in the mirror and think, “Here we go again.”.. When your heart is racing and you realize how small you are in this big world and a part of you melts so far into yourself. Far enough that you’ve dissociated from everything around you. Sometimes, even yourself.

What about those days?

What’s wrong with needing a little extra attention from a lover or friend on days of anxiety and depression? In my opinion, my depression/sadness turns into a horrible anxiety quickly. The feeling in your body that is probably the most uncomfortable feeling on this planet.

Some people have drowned themselves in meds to take away any of the dis-ease but some of us know , all too well, that those pharmaceutical drugs actually have tendencies to harm our brain chemistry in the long run, especially if you’re skipping doses, or taking too much/not enough. There’s even been research of FLUORIDE found in certain medications like Prozac…!  (check source below for more information on fluoridated antidepressants and other medications)


In addition to medication, or Cannabis (preferably Cannabis💚) we must have SUPPORT. If you have ever been prescribed pharma meds you may have even thought, “Hmm. That’s it? Take a pill every day and I’ll feel better?” …

Pretty ridiculous right?


We need to be a village , we need to hear the cries of our fellow anxious/depressed peers. We need to remind each other that it can be okay when you’re “not okay”. That a few deeps breaths, some amazing Cannabis and a good friend can
help. You know those beautiful things called “Hugs”?
Can’t we just find a way to put those in a bottle and pass it around instead?


Don’t forget to pass the bong too.


There are natural alternatives, including spiritual ways to heal our hearts (bodies) and  minds during times of mental struggle. (Reiki, Massage, Cuddles) We’ve struggled with our battles but we’ve also risen from our depression. The good days are days we should definitely be proud of.  I believe we deserve to be appreciated.. We are WARRIORS. Warriors who appreciate Cannabis and reap all the amazing benefits.


That’s something to be proud of if you ask me.

🍁Something to remember- do not hesitate to reach out to others when you are feeling anxious or depressed, even if it’s just a local pot-smoking buddy.(like your neighbor)…

you’ll be surprised how many people care about you. ❤

~fellow Cannabis momma who has struggled with anxiety and depression

Sources :



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