Tell B About it Tuesday- Guest post 5/30


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Guest submission 5/30

3000 BC, 3000+ years ago. That’s when the first ever recorded records of Cancer have been documented. Over 1500+ people die each day from cancer/ cancer related complications in the U.S alone. 564,800 people are expected to die this year from Cancer in the United States. That means you and loved ones have a 1 in 564,800 chance of dying from cancer this year. These numbers increase if you have a poor diet or live an unhealthy lifestyle in general. What if I told you there were a miracle plant that not only decreases the likelihood of you meeting an unfortunate demise but also could actually help treat cancer and may even cure it? There have been dozens of reports popping up all over the globe from Cancer patients being treated with Cannabis oil and walking away from the “Treatment” cancer free. One case in particular comes out of the U.K where 33 year old father David Hibbitt’s was diagnosed with Terminal bowel cancer and was given 18 months to live. He is now living Cancer free. But not because of the risky Chemotherapy or radiation treatments but because of Cannabis oil that only cost him $75 per month compared to the $7,000-$30,000 chemotherapy treatment he would have endured.

Enough with the facts, let me give you my personal opinion. Up until recently Marijuana has been illegal in the United States and carried in most cases a jail sentence of 2+ years depending on how much you had and a fine up to $5,000+. Why do you think something that has been a natural resource fom the beginning of time has since been looked down on and made illegal?

The U.S government claims that marijuana has absolutely no medicinal use but as of October 7 2003 they own patent #6630507.

Why would you want to own a plant that has no use to it? Something smells fishy guys. I’ll tell you why. For security and future profit. The government is a dumb but smart organization. They knew that it would be a time (Like now) that they would be able to make a profit from this plant. How much profit exactly? 70%. That means from 2015-2019 the government would have made alone, a profit of approximately $1 billion in revenue from sales taxes. That’s because of section 280E of the tax code. Congress passed the measure in 1982 so that businesses who are “trafficking in controlled substances” that are prohibited by federal law may not utilize many tax deductions and credits available to other businesses. What it all comes down to is that Cannabis has the potential to cure cancer and would have been the new age treatment for such a horrible disease if the government wasn’t so sleazy and money driven. Cancer is a billion dollar “Industry”. The uprising of medical marijuana treatment for cancer means the collapse of a HUGE part of the medical industry’s profits. Which means no big bonus for government workers and big Pharma. When people stop getting sick the government stops getting rich. What can you do about this? Write into your local government, flood their phone lines. Express your distaste for their actions/laws. Be the change. Until then. Roll a joint, hit a bowl or take a bong rip.  Cheers guys..




The article about David Hibbitt

The article about the government claiming Marijuana has no medicinal use

Article on government owning marijuana patent

Article on marijuana sales taxes


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