Guest Post 6/13- How Music Saved My life

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How Music Saved My Life

Music is the gateway to the universe … Am I rite??!



It is not necessarily the sound coming through your ear drums, it is the sound that dances through your soul. *


On days where my brain starts tightening up like a rope and is trying to form knots, I simply open up my favorite music app and start jammin’.

The beauty in music is the power it has to be a catalyst for whatever mood you’re willing to portray.

I definitely bust out some A Tribe Called Quest or even some Lana Del Rey on days I’m feeling like a bad-ass qween. 👑 However, I will never hesitate to play my “ehhh” playlist on Spotify whenever I need help getting a few tears rolling. Hey, I love being human. You cannot expect yourself to constantly escape in happy music, I love the vastness of the industry and nearly every tune wins my heart in this world. (You best believe I mean Country music too)


Music sends you somewhere deep in your brain, while the lyrics in the song ground you in your reality. It is honestly such a beautiful combination… listen to music often, and if ya ever get the chance I definitely recommend writing a son

g. Or even humming and makin’ up lyrics as you go along your day… it literally de-clutters


your mind and balances your body and cells in a positive way. (If I’m washing the dishes or walking the dog..I will literally sing about it.) 

The poetry behind both the lyrics and the tune in a song are my favorite parts of music. You could even say… it saved my life ….



There was a time in my life where cutting with razorblades and taking ecstasy filled my agenda starting at 14 years old. I felt locked inside of a Virgo mind with a whirlwind of words and emotions.. hoarded together so ungraciously. However, thanks to my rock star drummer of a daddy who escaped his drug addictions in his music, I found a way to do the same.

When I felt irritated or needing to get high, even times when I was TOO high… I turned to writing and music. My brain shut out everything besides the words that desperately wanted to be on paper. And the tune in my head just followed , every time. I found myself writing more raps  as I got older, and now at 21 years old I am pretty addicted to my poetry. It attempts to ease my depression, it helps me swim through it in a way where I can navigate through my mind and understand what the hell is going on. Even if I couldn’t exactly tell you what was going on, my brain suddenly understands and I am able to move on from the uncomfortable anxiety that I was feeling. Sort of hard to explain, but it’s the music/poetry that does the talking ….

Have you ever heard a song that was so damn relatable, singing it almost felt as satisfying as taking an anti-anxiety pill? That’s what I’m talking about !! When you’re feeling speechless the music literally does the talk


ing for you. Singing along to any song is so fucking good for your soul, please do not forget that there is room in our everyday life for hours of music. Always. 

Laa laa deee doooo daaaaa

Uhhh huhhhhhhh yeah yeah yeah

are you playing a song in your head right now???… you’re welcome.


*Watch this short YouTube video about a deaf singer who recently auditioned for Americas Got Talent, she is truly inspirational.



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