Don’t Order CBD Online.

SO, you’ve heard about the benefits of Cannabidiol, this mystery cure for most that ails you, also popularly known by its abbreviation, CBD. This cannabinoid is known best for its anti-inflammatory properties, it’s ability to relieve symptoms surrounding anxiety, as well as it’s ability to kill cancer cells. . (You”re definitely gonna wanna click that link) […]

Flower Power

Yep, it’s true. One can make an educated assumption just by looking at the picture above that not all marijuana is created equal. With this being said that means that your buds are not going to produce the same high. Different Flowers have different powers. Before there was any scientific way to determine what kind […]


Are youuuuuuuuuuu talkinnnnn’ to me? Cause I'm listening! Ya girl is currently looking for individuals who would like to be featured as a guest contributor on the Maryz Canna Kitchen blog. You can submit a poem, picture, art work, opinion piece, fictional or non fictional story, skit, video WHATEVER- as long as it is counter … Continue reading GET FEATURED ON MARYZ CANNA KITCHEN!

When millennials trash talk millennials *opinion*

Millennials'- we suck right? God, we're such whimsy, lazy, unorthodox little shits who have no respect for the older generations who worked their asses off building America, I know. GAGGGGGGG Yeah I believe in respect, sure. It can't just be me who has been victimized by some grumpy old head who doesn't really take the time … Continue reading When millennials trash talk millennials *opinion*