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Here you will find hand crafted gifts created or decorated by me, B!


Bee Surprised Counter Culture Candles

These beauties are created using 100% certified organic ingredients. The blissful blend of beeswax, coconut oil and essential oils will not only delight your senses but naturally ionize the air as well. They are an ideal choice for those who cannot handle traditional candles, or suffer from asthma.

The best part of all, is that inside every candle you will find a

counter culture surprise

What is a counter culture surprise you ask? It includes glass pipes, dabbers, chillums, crystals, jewelry, titanium nails, quartz bangers, Kush Klipz, or maybe even a hand crafted necklace or beautiful pendant.

All of the art you may find inside have been chosen to represent feminine energy or has been created by one of a kind canna-girls. I will be releasing these candles in collections, the first set to release by the beginning of summer! You can find the complete history artist contribution by clicking Maryz Canna Family at the top of the page! Anyone who purchases a candle must be prepared to confirm their age VIA email, prior to shipping!

I am using BIG CARTEL for credit card transactions at this time. My goal is to have a shop ran directly off of this site, but for now you must be redirected to my shop page!




Check back here for new products, updates, information on the uses/care.

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